Initiatives to realize a "green society through business activities"

Initiatives to realize a Initiatives to realize a
Tokyo Sangyo Co.
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Environmental Policy
(Head Office, Tohoku, Niigata, Tokai, Shizuoka, Fuji, Kansai)

We aim to establish our position as a general machinery trading company specializing in environment and energy to improve our corporate value further.
We will enhance our profitability through the synergy generated between our long-established businesses and the expansion of our energy and global business and achieve growth by responding flexibly to environmental changes.
To that end, we will implement our new growth strategy called “Core Five” as a priority measure. At the same time, we will prevent pollution, establish accurate targets, and engage in effective operations through ongoing improvements to our environmental management system. Furthermore, we aim to raise awareness among our executives and employees concerning environmental protection and compliance with environmental laws and regulations and to develop our human resources. We will disclose this Environmental Policy to both internal and external stakeholders to improve our environmental performance.

T-ScaleUp 2027
-Entering new domains for a green future-

Growth Strategy
【Core Five】

  1. Active involvement in energy transition.
  2. Creation of businesses contributing to building a sustainable society.
  3. Enhancement of the collective strength of the Group.
  4. Development of a strong management foundation.
  5. Expansion of shareholder returns.

May 12, 2023

President & CEO, Tokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.