Production Facilities and Equipment

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We provide various plant facilities that respond to customer needs.

  • Boards for research and test facilities

    Boards for research and test facilities

  • Perforation


  • Diamond grinder

    Diamond grinder

  • Post–wash contamination measuring equipment

    Post–wash contamination measuring equipment

  • Ice makers and caterpillar ice storage systems

    Ice makers and caterpillar ice storage systems

  • Aluminum clad steel wire (coated with oil)

    Aluminum clad steel wire (coated with oil)

  • Drum shakers

    Drum shakers

  • Narrow hole electric discharge machine

    Narrow hole electric discharge machine

  • Sigrist PhaseGuard in-line interface monitor

    Sigrist PhaseGuard in-line interface monitor

  • Equipment for food plants

    Equipment for food plants

Other main products

Chemical/pharmaceutical plants
  • Engineering and construction work for chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Heat exchangers, towers, and vessels
  • Pulverizing, sieving, and classification equipment along with fine diamond milling machines
  • Mixing, kneading, and stirring equipment
  • Drum shakers
  • Filtration and centrifugal separation equipment
  • Drying, granulating, and baking equipment
  • Rotary kilns
  • Distilling and extracting equipment
  • Glass lining equipment (reactors, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Powder and fluid conveying equipment
  • Granule processing equipment
  • Filler and packaging equipment
  • Automation equipment
  • Alumite processing equipment
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Point-and-use heat exchangers for WFI
  • Sterilization and cleaning equipment
  • Rubber plug sterilization, cleaning, and drying equipment
  • Pharmaceutical animal cell separation equipment
High-performance film equipment
  • High-performance film plants and construction facilities
  • Film manufacturing equipment
  • Slitters and cutters
  • Film defect/fault detection equipment
  • Distillation and extraction equipment
  • Coaters and dryers
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for gravure rolls
  • Ultrasonic tank cleaning equipment
  • Inkjet equipment
Food plants
  • Food plants and machinery
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Food manufacturing equipment
  • Automation machines
  • Die cast machines, water heaters, sprays, dispensing equipment, weir breaking machines, and peripheral automation equipment
  • Impregnation equipment
  • Forging machines / barrel machines
  • Bending machines
  • Aluminum melting furnaces and repair work
  • Die cast parts and metal dies
  • Wire forming machines
  • HIP/CIP equipment
  • Machining centers
  • NC lathes
  • NC drilling machines
  • Horizontal boring machines
  • NC milling machines
  • Grinding machines (cylinder, planar, profile)
  • Gear cutting machines / gear finishing machines
  • Special-purpose machines/units
  • Electrical discharge/electrolysis processing equipment
  • Laser processors
  • Presses (mechanical and hydraulic) (air-conditioner fin presses, tube expansion equipment, hairpin benders, drying ovens, brazing, leak tests)
  • Shearing machines
  • Plastic extruders and injection molding machines
  • Part fabrication requests
  • Retrofits and overhauls
  • Ultra-precision machine tools
  • NC rotary tables
  • Special jigs for fabrication and assembly
  • Metal dies (presses/die casts)
  • Cutting tools, tools, tooling
  • Cutting tools for hard disk and other precision machining, turning tool design, manufacturing, and machining
  • Automatic assembly and transport systems (vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, construction machines, etc.)
  • Engine assembly and transport
  • Transmission assembly and transport
  • Suspension assembly and transport
  • Clutch assembly and transport
  • Power steering assembly and transport
  • Compressor assembly and transport
  • Brake assembly and transport
  • Turbocharger assembly and transport
  • Oil pump assembly and transport
  • ECU-related assembly and transport
General Industry Equipment
  • FA equipment
  • Labor-saving equipment
  • Transportation equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Industrial furnaces and rotary kilns
Manufacturing equipment
  • Point-and-use heat exchangers for WFI
  • Chemistry/Medical equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Other manufacturing equipment
Measuring equipment
  • Color measurement
Water equipment
  • Well water filltration equipment
  • Water softening equipment
  • On-site water operations
  • Water purification equipment
  • Industrial water and underground water utilization systems
  • Welding equipment (semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, CO2)
  • Semiconductor laser processing machine
  • Washing equipment (ultrasound, hydrocarbon, hydrogen)
  • Coating plant facilities
  • Sealing coating equipment (SCA)
  • Surface oxidation film removal equipment (atmospheric pressure plasma)
  • Precision measuring equipment (surface roughness, roundness, 3D, etc.) and image processing equipment (rubber image processing equipment)
  • Gear measurement equipment
  • Balancers
  • Water-soluble cutting oil volume reduction equipment